Issue 19: Biotechnology

Published August 1999, Nevada City, CA; with second printing, October 1999, Nevada City, CA.

Republished as MADE NOT BORN: The Troubling World of Biotechnology, by Sierra Club Books, 2000.

Issue 19: Biotechnology  (PDF)

Quick View Online:


“Ten Points to Introduce Biotechnology,” by Casey Walker

Essays by Wendell Berry, Jack Turner, David Loy, David Petersen, and Chris Desser

Interviews with Stuart Newman, Andrew Kimbrell, Richard Hayes, Richard Strohman, Freeman House, Kristin Dawkins, and Martin Teitel by Casey Walker

Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Elizabeth Herron, Maya Khosla, and Jerry Martien

Letter from Marti Crouch

Photography by Hank Meals

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